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Worst Error Message Ever May 30, 2012

Posted by Brent Quick in : Upgrade, vCenter, vmware, vSphere 5.0 , trackback

Recently I upgraded to vSphere 5.0 and due to problems with my Netgear ReadyNAS (CIFS target for PHD Virtual Deduped data) I had to spend more time in the storage section of the vSphere client then usual.  As I was looking around for how to configure an iSCSI target with Username/Password I saw “Storage I/O Control” disabled listed for all my datastores.

I remembered Scott Lowe saying that even without configuring shares you should enable it.

  1. Since as long as there is no contention it doesn’t do anything
  2. If there is contention than equal shares is fairer to all VM’s then no control

So just like that I enabled SIOC on one of my less important LUN’s and waited for the unicorn dust to flow forth! Instead I got a message about a pre-4.1 host being connected and SIOC not being supported – shown below.

Worst Error MEssage Ever

What you see if you try to enable SIOC but are not entitled to it.

So I had two thoughts going in different directions, where the hell is that rogue host I forgot to upgrade or something is messed up in the vCenter DB.  After opening a VMware support ticket on Friday evening and receiving the automated emails for logs which I did not submit, I got a call on Monday afternoon to work the ticket.  Yes I have production support but had put a low priority on the ticket so no one worked it till after the weekend.  So after some pleasantries and discovering  my technician was in Canada which explained the Monday (Memorial Day) call, we got to work.  Nothing in the Knowledge Base on that error, rebooting the host did not change the problem, and just before digging into logs and settings, he asked what version flavor of licensing of vSphere I had and I honestly did not know.

We bought “Foundation Acceleration Kit” back in 2008 and have maintained SnS.  So we have gotten some “upgrades” over the years with major releases and the Foundation kits are not highlighted too much so I was not certain what “entitlements” we owned. Answer is SIOC is Enterprise Plus and we are not.  So if you enable SIOC and see a warning about a host that does not exist, check you licensing or write a check to raise your entitlement.

Hope this helps someone and if a KB gets published I will update.

A very short time after this post went live I had a response on Twitter from @mandivs (Manish Patel – Knowledge Champion at VMware) and a comment on this post.

We went back and forth a couple of times and had a false start or two on an existing tech notes, but now my lack of knowledge about my entitlement is immortalized in the KB#2021530.


1. @mandivs - May 30, 2012

I will make sure KB gets published.